About Syrious Mission

Syrious Mission is a Dutch non profit organisation operating in Jordan, connecting Syrian urban refugees and the local community through music.

Syrious Mission started in April 2013, making music with children in refugee camps. We have gradually moved our focus to the large number of refugees living outside the camps, in host communities.

The local community usually provides their new neighbors with blankets and other basics, despite their own poverty. Most communities are under a lot of stress. Therefore both local and refugee children are welcome in our weekly music workshops.

Our goal is to create a safe environment for both groups to get to know each other and learn to share their feelings and stories, musically.

We raise awareness in the Netherlands by organizing fundraisers and seminars.
Every two months a voluntary group of Dutch musicians and teachers travels to Jordan to join our local workshop leaders. They have a full week of workshops with the children and present the result in a concert or public workshop.

We have started an exchange of videos between our Syrious Mission kids and schools in the Netherlands. The children discuss various subjects and perform songs and music, learning about each other in a personal, child friendly way.

We are always looking for new teaching talent for our weekly workshops in Jordan. Our weekly lessons are focused on creating rhythms, lyrics, instant composing and conducting skills. The result of these workshops are the kids own compositions and songs.
In the future we hope to give more children the chance to experience the joy of creating sounds and lyrics.

If you wish to:
1. join a mission
2. connect your school to our project
3. organize a fundraiser
4. apply for our Jordan workshop leader team
email us: info@syriousmission.nl